Saturday, 25 July 2009

Being Jaded today in London

It's a funny ole thing life, innit? Today in London I passed the time in Portobello Road. It was pleasant and I enjoyed a falafel from Falafel King. I visited a sort of office now cum, "Rock N Roll Public Library". (2 Acklam Road, under the Wetsway). An installation of punk rellics from the basement/spare room of Mick Jones from the Clash. I can image his missus demanded he find a suitable place for the authentically musty detritus. Fans will love this installation, which today included the man himself Mr. Mick Jones, suitably weathered and Pistol Glen Matlock was also there. I didn't take a photo of Mr. Matlock, as I couldn't be bothered, and it really made me ponder about the construct of time. At one point in my life ( when? i guess when I was a kid in Milwaukee? ), I would have been choked with enthusiasm, delight and hero worship, but today like the colour of my eyes, I am wondering if I have just become jaded? It is cool to live in London and get to see lots of old punk/pop/rock stars..but when did they stop being important to me? Who would float my boat now? Something to think about, and I hope I meet Bowie in the street one day soon to see if my rock n roll heart is just a big block of ice and can it be melted?

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  1. I believe as we get older, our obsession turns to admiration and respect. For those fortunate to meet a celebrity, there becomes a realization that they are human like ourselves, except they have a talent that manifests itself externally seeking our attention. I am certain we all have somebody who could still shake us out of our skin, even celebrities have that experience. With age and wisdom, life is not as exciting because we have developed our own identity and talent, and generally do not have the same desire to take on the personality of somebody else who we have elevated above ourselves.

    So, no, you are not are wiser. Boy, Steve Jones looks really old. There was a day when I wanted to be him.

    Love ya,' Chuck