Friday, 9 October 2009

Imagenergy, not really.

Image Heavy Blog this week. Some of my new collage/ print work for your entertainment. A photo that answers what do I do if I have nothing to wear? ( Plastic bottles). And a photo of an exhibit I went to in Shoreditch, in which I had absolutely no idea what was going on except there was a large pig in a box. It was shit really, not nearly as interesting as the photo seems to suggest. Just like most pictures, love, me.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Wonderland? What fucking postcode is that?

I haven't blogged for a bit so I was looking for inspiration. Terry Herbert, a jobless ( rock on) treasure hunter from Staffordshire last week found the largest and most vaulable hoard of Saxon Gold ever found in history. The best part of this " funemployed" guys find was not the fact that he made the discovery on a 17 year old metal detector that he bought for £2.50, but the fact that ole Terry uttered the magic phrase" spirits of yesteryear take me where the gold appears." Like who knew that Harry Potter shit really works. I am going to try and use it on a load of things I REALLY need like a new flat and a new man. I tried it when I was looking for inspiration for this blog, and all of a sudden this card fell from the pages of ITS NICE THAT, and it was for this guy Barnaby Barford's ceramic work. I love it him..he deals with some issues I adore like happy slapping and his titles are genius.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Potawatomi Princess Fashion Look Book

I've been thinking alot about my Autumn Look Book and since I am a former Milwaukee Native American, and have just discovered the joys of fringing, I'm posting some photos that are informing my style. The no sew stitching fits in with my lack of technical ability to use a sewing machine, and the war paint application is very similar to my non deft hand of applying make up. I'm thinking this seasons look for me will be Potawatomi Princess/Civil war drummer with a Couregges twist. Altho my personal blood line includes no native American Indian ( "my trail of tears", has been more of "a trail of beers"..thanks for that quote jack eigel), I include a photo of my great great grandfather ( in bowler hat), from the same time period. I'm sure he spooked more than a few Indians off his land on his Wisconsin death trip.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Chrome Hoof/ Chris Cunningham

Music/Performance: I have seen the future and its name is Chrome Hoof. I also had a revelation whilst watching Chris Cunningham. I lived thru his sonic/ visual/mind assault , even though at one point my teeth felt like they were being shoved down by throat and re inserted into my chest cavity. He's a master of the genre, and is not for the faint hearted, but it terrified and delighted my mind cavity into thinking this: you know, Im really not nurturing my dark side, and I am legally Mrs. Black Magik and remain so as of this posting.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

My LIfe in Pulp Fiction?

Always entertaining, some Pulp Fiction Titles I relate to. The one MISS DYNAMITE, I think is the closest to how I see myself.