Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Wonderland? What fucking postcode is that?

I haven't blogged for a bit so I was looking for inspiration. Terry Herbert, a jobless ( rock on) treasure hunter from Staffordshire last week found the largest and most vaulable hoard of Saxon Gold ever found in history. The best part of this " funemployed" guys find was not the fact that he made the discovery on a 17 year old metal detector that he bought for £2.50, but the fact that ole Terry uttered the magic phrase" spirits of yesteryear take me where the gold appears." Like who knew that Harry Potter shit really works. I am going to try and use it on a load of things I REALLY need like a new flat and a new man. I tried it when I was looking for inspiration for this blog, and all of a sudden this card fell from the pages of ITS NICE THAT, and it was for this guy Barnaby Barford's ceramic work. I love it all..google him..he deals with some issues I adore like happy slapping and his titles are genius.