Sunday, 16 August 2009

Potawatomi Princess Fashion Look Book

I've been thinking alot about my Autumn Look Book and since I am a former Milwaukee Native American, and have just discovered the joys of fringing, I'm posting some photos that are informing my style. The no sew stitching fits in with my lack of technical ability to use a sewing machine, and the war paint application is very similar to my non deft hand of applying make up. I'm thinking this seasons look for me will be Potawatomi Princess/Civil war drummer with a Couregges twist. Altho my personal blood line includes no native American Indian ( "my trail of tears", has been more of "a trail of beers"..thanks for that quote jack eigel), I include a photo of my great great grandfather ( in bowler hat), from the same time period. I'm sure he spooked more than a few Indians off his land on his Wisconsin death trip.

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