Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Andy Warhol and me, one of the last Warhol Superstars

Back in 1987, I had the great honour of working with Andy Warhol. I was doing some modelling and was asked up to the old Con Edison building to the FACTORY, to do some filming for Andy's new TV show on MTV called Andy Warhol's Fifteen Minutes. As a small town Mid West girl, this was a dream come true.You can tell that we took modelling very seriously back in the Eighties, and it was really hilarious to see people making fools of themselves because of Andy's presense. Most of the Eighties was like that, this weird " you're not on the A list, you're not getting in attitude". Anyway, all day long celebrities came and went in a swirl of 80's surreal madness. I vividly remember chatting with William Burrough's while he held a loaded pistol in his hand. He was very kind and looked exactly like my Grandfather. Andy was coming and going keeping a watchful eye on all the days proceedings. Me and another model Dovanna were put in a little back studio to change where there were numerous mao silkscreens waiting to be framed, the small size would have rolled up nicely into my skirt, but I was stopped by another model who was appalled at my behaviour. I think Andy would have approved of my crime. Anyway the program aired on TV on my birthday which is January 15th. I watched it with my ex boyfriend and his father, and I thought , " this is so cool, I have finally made it"...The thing about the show was that I had been yammering on the set with lots of overly excited ideas, under one of Andy's assistants came over and basically told me to shut the fuck up. In true Andy fashion , many of those little ideas were included in the final edit. I'm not trying to take credit, I just thought it was super interesting that he had been absorbing all of our conversations and mentally taking notes. I was asked to come back again, and told that he would call me, but about 3 weeks later I opened the New York Post and Andy was dead. Alot of my dreams died that day too, and I really wish I would have stolen the silkscreen. Here are some scene grabs from the show. Check out this website www.warholstars.org

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